Tunes for Days

Professional football and basketball player, producer, and learning enthusiast, Ibz as he is often called is the living proof that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. Full of creativity, good jokes and wise thoughts, his music reflects the diversity and effort he puts in his craft as he aims to achieve greatness while uplifting everyone around him. He strives to break into the UK scene to share his knowledge and producing  talents with the world

Ossy has already made quite a stir with his talent back home in Nigeria where he is seen as a music sensation. From sold out shows to concerts, Ossy’s talent and hard work has paved the way for the success he has seen today. He is now ready to take the british listeners by storm and give them the energy that he is celebrated for in Nigeria. A man of many talents, he has been his own photographer, editor, director etc for many years and is looking to continue building and doing what he does best.

Josh, who goes by the name ‘V1rtu0’ is a multi-talented RnB musician who is working to build a platform that enables him to express himself through his creative words. Influenced by the strong artistic presence of his dad, a Cabaret Jazz performer, Josh creates songs, paintings, animations and graphic designs. He also dabbles in music production and is looking to perfect his craft.

Following her stage debut at 11 years, Nidhi’s performances have enlightened the lives of many. The genuine connection she builds with her audience has earned her the honour of receiving a record deal at the age of 15. Her end goal is to get people to sit back and listen to her singing similarly to her inspiration, Etta James.

JB is an upcoming rapper who takes inspiration from artists like JHus and central Cee. He describes his sound as “vibey rap”. He is enthusiastic about the prospect of seeing all his friends succeed in their endeavours as he himself aims to one day become a pilot. In his own words, “Music is my therapy, my bars are my diary”