Inspiring and Entertaining

In their own words they are “just a couple bruddahs tryna shift culture by “Personally Repairing Entities Told To You(ths)”, in other words PRETTY. The “bruddahs” Keash, Dre and Tyreke have taken it upon themselves to “Bring the youth up, to be true to themselves and voice their opinion.”, through informative, entertaining, and enlightening podcasts. They provide opportunities for creators and artists alike.

Kupa is an Engineering international student from Zimbabwe who is disrupting the sphere of influence of western youtubers by bringing a fresh breath of creativity. Kupa has set out to put Zim on the map by becoming the next big Zimbabwean youtuber and entertainer. His vibrant personality is sure to captivate his international audience and widen his horizons.

Tatenda has embarked on a mission to touch people’s hearts while on her creative journey. At present, she is an author, youtuber, singer and a podcast host, and she’s only just getting started. Her first published book was written to encourage people to confront the roots of their hurt and channel their pain into purpose. This speaks volumes about her character and her intentions and she talks about that in more detail in her podcast, “The Glow Up Podcast”.