Creating Opportunities

As part of her belief as a christian, Ropa has taken stewardship to a practical sense by providing food and belongings to homeless people in her local areas. Ropa raises the funds for this through her catering company, ‘BERIYTH’ which means ‘God’s Promise’. Beriyth is an all day brunch catering facility with a menu full of exciting new flavours. A tasty meal and helping the homeless in one go, it’s an offer too good to refuse.

JC as he is often called in his friendship groups aims to provide an avenue for your average shoe person to gain access to highly anticipated and requested luxury sneakers and clothing. Above all, he values his relationship with his customers and people in general. In his words “we are all one big family.”<p>

Through his brand “75 Shots Ahead” he aims to create a shift in culture. His clothing represents a way of life in which every moment is enjoyed for what it means in the moment. The themes Chill life and Escape are always featured in his designs and are embodied at the heart of his creative journey.